Cult of Yurei




The latest slave of Yurei, having been raised by Kato ‘the puppet master’ now takes on any and all opponents of the Cult. Enemies that fall before his onslaught become the gruesome tools of his trade.

Blister contains one miniature, 50mm base and full colour profile card.

Price: £10.95

Gendo & small rat swarms



The latest recruit to the Cult of Yurei, Nezumi is fleeting on the battlefield, transforming into a rat and scurrying away when the time is right.

Blister contains one Nezumi miniature, three small rat swarms miniatures, four 30mm bases and two full colour profile cards.

Price: £10.95

Cult of Yurei Starter Set (New Dawn)


In the shadows and dark corners of the world, the worshippers of Yurei are gathering force. The many members of this Cult may not even be aware that they are serving the same dark masters, but serve them they do – the Yurei Bargain, which in its various forms allows control over life and death, has proven a temptation to many different people who would otherwise have nothing in common. In the Cult of Yurei, you may think yourself the master of your own Fate but you are always advancing the unfathomable goals of dark unseen masters.

Price: £29.95


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