Shadow Wind Clan



Previously the Shadow Crows have only had to suffer the Soulless as those who failed to become leaders among the clan. These two brothers, however, changed that attitude as they are both soulless, either by nature or nurture. No one wanted them, so no one bothered looking for them upon their disappearance. Not even their parents went looking for them. Falling in with the Shadow Wind clan, they endured a brutal training regime designed to test their mettle and discover what drives them. As part of their final test, they wanted to eliminate an adept but needed a third to join them.

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Shadow Wind Clan - New Player Bundle

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This bundle provides you with everything you need to start playing Bushido or add a new faction to your gaming table!

Contains the following items:

House Long Shadow - Themed Box Set


Even amongst the secretive Shadow Clans - those who operate in the darkness performing deeds that would stain the souls of lesser men - The House of the Long Shadow are an enigma, specialising in subterfuge and clandestine operations. Before any battle, The Long Shadow will have studied the terrain, enemy tactics, and the target's fighting techniques and swordsmanship.

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The number three is synonymous with those who deal death from the shadows. That’s why Fuma wields a three-sectioned staff against her enemies. Fuma can use it with each “end section” in one hand while having the centre block incoming blows. Or she can swing the whole weapon granting her extra reach and power. No matter what she decides, this skilled assassin of the infamous North Star has options, and in her line of work, options are paramount to survival.

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Upon joining the house, Nagato began to learn the twin Hook Swords. These weapons, more than most, require intense training. Students spend 16 hours every day with the weapon and must still attend to other duties and see off any Worms looking for promotion. Nagato set their determination and struggled through hours and days of rote learning creating muscle memory until she was pronounced ready.

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The Moon Lions are well known for their stealth and their savagery, and it is because they share these traits with the members of the Bleeding Moon that they have incorporated these animals into their ever-broadening arsenal. These creatures live in the immediate surrounds of the Bleeding Moon's hidden stronghold, where they are known to eat the unwary, unwanted, and uninitiated. Occasionally the Bleeding Moon finds a cub that can be trained and taken with them.

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Jinichi is a valuable member of The North Star who adds a slightly different approach to what they do. He has perfected fighting with a strange weapon that is a unique combination of blade and chain, and the whirring sound it makes as he spins it is often the last thing his enemies hear before they die. Because of its reach, it can quickly get between a samurai and his sword, thus breaching his defence leaving him open to attack. The blades are designed to cut and tear the flesh from his enemies bones, while the chain can immobilise the arms or legs of the unwary.

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Shadow Wind Clan - Faction Dice Set


Brand new Risen Sun Faction dice, featuring high quality engraved and painted detailing. Attack dice see faction specific design and defence dice celebrate the Risen Sun. Packs contain 6 Attack dice and 6 Defence dice.

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Shinyuki is fearsome in word, act, visage and deed. A combat-centric member of the infamous Bleeding Moon, he excells in death, stealth and being prepared to deal with any situation. Being able to react fluidly counts massively when on missions, which makes this Shadows Crow the terrifying foe he is. His weapon of choice is the Kama: a short, sickle-like weapon that can slice and punch through the stoutest of armour. He loves it so much that he fights with one in each hand, and when in motion, they are a wall of slicing steel.

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Axiam is a Jonin or “High Man” in the Shadow Wind Clan. He has proven greater than the Shadow Crows and now teaches those who would be North Star Ninja. Still some missions must be overseen by more experienced hands and Axiam shows why he is fit to teach the next generation with his prodigious skill. In the game Axiam has high melee skill, rare among ninjas and the only North Star model to have such high base statistic. His range of abilities is unparalleled as he can use any Feat of any North Star Ninja.

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