The Black Eagle has Landed!


After the previews, the images and the year of build-up, we can finally release the returning Daimyo of the Eagle Clan and claimant to rule the Jwar Isles: Shiho Hiroto!

Image Image

What a profile!

A 4 Melee Samurai is an excellent start for anyone, but a Samurai with 3 Ki is fantastic. He can boost his Move, which is also rare (especially for a heavily armoured model), and he has many traits. 

Moving Hiroto’s story along from his drunken Master profile proved quite tricky. After turning him into the great Samurai leader he should have been, we noticed he was overperforming his “25 Rice cost” slot we had him in. Even after a few revisions, we got to this point where we can’t take any more away without damaging the profile he should be. So we took the rare step of making a human profile over 25 Rice.

You will have seen Improvise and Kawasu in previous articles so let's look at Overrule. The first thing to note is this is not an opposed ki feat; it just works. This can be a fantastic tool for controlling the flow of the battle and deciding where fights happen and where to delay and harass. Hiroto’s movement is phenomenal, able to boost Move and with Eagle’s Flight Defence, Improvise, Flank and Booted.

Hiroto can go wherever he likes, and you can’t stop him! This also helps activate his Assassin trait (An impolite habit he learned in the less civilised regions of the Empire), making his melee terrifying.


His very name has been striking fear into Takashi hearts, the whole prefecture knows of his return, it has been years in the making, and The Black Eagle does not disappoint; how will you use him in Bushido?