Bushido Painting Competition

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Thank you for all your entries, it has been inspiring to see such a wide array of styles and everyone should be very proud. It was difficult to sort between them but after lots of tooing and froing we decided upon the top two in each category and then an overall winner they are as follows:

50pt Warband

1st Place


Maria Giordana Fiordelmondo take a bow, a fantastic Warband and a worthy winner. We love the thematic bases and the cohesive feel across the Warband.

2nd Place


A lovely Warband and in what proved to be a fiercely competed category it rose above it's competitiors to gain second place, well done Denis Graziano.


1st Place (Overall Winner)


A massive round of applause for Martin Kristiansson, this blew us out of the water! We think it is a well deserved winner for any painting competition, the models are painted beautifully, the terrain is immense and altogether it tells an interesting stoy, bravo.

2nd Place


Thomas Lawrence's departing Jung stole into second place and we hope you agree it is a great looking piece.

Luck of the Kami

Dave James, by fate or by the very whims of the Kami you have been chosen to receive the Luck of the Kami prize

Special Mention

Alec Wagner we would like to gift you a £10 Bushido voucher for your entry and hope to see many more efforts in the future. We also thought this incredible piece of terrain shouldn't go unrewarded so another £10 voucher to you Markus Helmes...

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Here is a collection of all the entries received: