Bushido Wave 37 rolls closer


Kaede - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Life for Kaede is just another performance. He learned his trade not in the luck houses but on the streets of Jima. Where acting the part could be the difference between eating or not, a beating or not, living or not. He treats combat like a show, as battle progresses, he works through the three acts of a play, adapting his style for each act in order to create a frantic ending where each dramatic death hastens the finale!


Ume & Haru - Temple of Ro-Kan

Both Ume and her twin brother Haru show great potential and are so highly regarded by their tutors that they are already spoken of as future Masters. Ume’s preferred element of water has provided a dangerous technique which when performed successfully is devastating but any lack of concentration can leave her with grave injuries. Haru has an affinity for both earth and air, combining them to create an earthen barrier which gives melee protection and cover for his allies. Both however have a lot to learn and they are always prepared to practise other monks’ techniques. 


Hiryu - Prefecture of Ryu

Hiryu is an Ashigaru hailing from the city of Eddo, distinguished from his fellow Ashigaru in Ryu by the heavier armour he wears. He also skilfully wields the Naginata favoured in the North, rather than the Yari; which is standard issue in Ryu. A life long soldier, Hiryu is a firm believer in rank and file fighting. He understands the ebb and flow of the line and is at his best in battle when fighting shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Ashigaru.


It's been awhile but what a cracker to return with, not one but two fantastic pieces of work around Bushido the game...



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