An in-depth look at Wave 40


Wave 40

A new wave is coming and several factions are getting some exciting additions. Along with an alternate sculpt for a second Takashi Retainer and two more Risen models for your Death and Decay delight, we have four new profiles, some of which you have seen artwork for already and can finally see the upcoming stats and feats.


First up we have Hideaki, a new Jung Ummimiman who has been blessed with features of a hermit crab. This is a great example of what we call a “Top-down” model. It was made without consideration for its role in the faction, but with total attention to its fluff, that is the type of creature he is and his back story. Mostly this came from the model and the design was influenced by “How can we represent this model on a Bushido table?”.  


I wanted him to be able to retract into his shell, for this to be amazing protection but also not really allow him to do much while he’s in there. Playtesters really made this one shine and the changes made from the initial design to the finished profile were mostly inspired by things that happened on the table to find a role for him in a list.  The culmination of this was moving all the rules for being in his shell to a unique effect from the “Retract” Feat and making the Ki Feat Instant and simply making him prone or not.  I also added his Bleed as this is to be a Jung staple and he really looks to be a solid model for the faction.

Izu Serpents

The Izu Serpents were a challenge as we wanted three unique species of snake with different rules on the Bushido table but making three cards seemed excessive and buying activations so cheaply was problematic. I won’t bore you with the minutiae but getting three individual profiles to have Group Activation solved all the problems.


For only 1 Rice each at least one of these is sure to find a way into any list.  The venomous Asp strikes quickly and inflicts poison even if it does no damage.  The Boa can tie up enemies, sadly as a normal sized snake it cannot really stop larger enemies.  Finally the spitting Cobra can blind its prey with its venom leaving them vulnerable to other attacks.
Different players will have different favourites and I expect to see these models filling the last Rice on many warbands.


Hisoka is an old mountain hermit, rarely seen by other humans.  He traps food and lives happily alone high on the peaks between the Iron and Ro-Kan mountains. He has been forced to join other locals, be they Minimoto patrols or the nearest peasant villages by disturbances near his home.


Hisoka is tough like most who brave the cold of the Iron Mountains and his seven wound boxes, while normal for Minimoto, is very impressive for a Temple Peasant. The Snare Ki Feat, already well known to Tengu and Savage Wave players, is great in your Minimoto lists to help control the enemies advance, helping the slow marching bears get an advantage on their unfortunate foes. In the Bastions of the Mountain Theme however Snare is an amazing tool, combined with the Trap Event cards and with extra Ki available and the Believer Trait in the list your opponent may find he is doing nothing more often than he gets to take actions!


Then we come to the big guy. Kokoro the Harvester the Chris Hales’ Grand Master model from 2017. Chris used the Alphas theme to win that year so he chose to make an Oni model and well…  just look at what happened!


While physically unable to match the other Oni, even Raska the Devastator would think twice before challenging Kokoro.  His mastery of the Oni soul magic is unmatched and its effects can be devastating. Summoning an additional Oni, just like Bakemono summon more of their kin, is obviously a powerful effect and had to be played quite a bit to adjust its final power level. Curse of Doom is also an immensely powerful tool; few models can survive it so keep your VIMs safe! The other danger of Kokoro is that even if he only shoots his Darkness attack every turn, he still ends up really powerful after just a few attacks. Grand Masters winners’ models have had an impact on the whole game before and I’m sure this one will be a model to be feared as the previous ones are.

Let us know what you think about these models on the forums and ask any questions you may have. Wave 40 will be released at Gen Con on the 4th of August, check back for the Pre-Orders so you can secure yours first.