Find out why SU&SD are raving about Bushido and a whole lot more...


"If it’s not obvious, Bushido comes highly recommended by me. It might not satisfy my never-ending quest for the perfect first miniatures game, but it delivers something almost better than perfection. It delivers humanity."

If you want to find out why SU&SD are raving about Bushido check out their review HERE.


Episode 4 of the Journeys to Jwar is up now for your viewing pleasure 50 Rice Kage Kaze Zoku Vs The Tengu.

This episode is so much fun, watch it HERE.

Wave 36

This wave is going to bring something new to Bushido, there will be more to come on this but for now check this out...



The UK Games Expo was once again an incredible show and the Grand Masters was some tournament. A nail biting finish could have swung either way to the Monks or the Savage Wave Master Enos came close to taking out Raksha but it wasn't meant to be and the Wave swept to victory.


A massive round of applause to Chris Hales who is now the only two time Grand Master, winning both times with different Savage Wave lists. He wins the chance to create his own model and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with this time.


We also want to thank Jason for running the tournament and Andy for supporting everyone with the rules. An important mention must go to the players who travelled from other countries to participate, you guys know who you are and the effort you make, makes the tournament all that more special.