Grand Masters Announcement

Bushido 2015 Grand Masters Tournament

Put Saturday the 30th of May in your diaries.... the 2015 Bushido Grand Masters Tournament is coming. We are really pleased to announce the Grand Masters will, this year, be held at the UK Games Expo. Tournament tickets will be limited to 24 and we anticipate these selling out quite quickly so we'll let you know as soon as they go on sale. In the meantime the UK Games Expo tickets will become available here -

Will anybody be able to topple the current Grand Master Ret-LEJ?

Will the Temple of Ro-Kan rule victorious again?


We are happy to offer each tournament entrant 20% off purchases at the GCT Studios stall over the entire show.

As well as that wonderful discount the tournament offers some great prizes, the Silvermoons will be flowing, 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed Bushido tournament coins will be up for grabs as well as the grand prize of working with the GCT team to design a model for Bushido!

Bushido Best of the Web

It's been awhile since we've put forward a Bushido Best of the Web but it's back with an absolute corker, some talented guys and girls out there. As always if the owner of this work gets in touch they will pick up a £10 Bushido voucher so if you know them send them our way. Also if you come across anything cool out there on the internet Bushido the game related then let us know and if it is selected you'll pick up a £5 Bushido voucher as well. We found this one on Coolminiornot, take a look and if you want to throw them a vote check it out HERE.

Get your copy of the model featured HERE

Wave 21 

Here is an update to the Kami of Burning Anger, as you can see it's more of an aggressive affair.