Happy New Year and a few previews for 2021

With 2020 behind us we have had time to reflect on your support during this period and we wanted to say a big thank you for sticking with us, as strange as it sounds it was a great year for Bushido and it has allowed us to hatch some grand plans for 2021, hopefully these will help make us all feel better. Development and sculpting work continued throughout the lockdown and we have a lot of new models and profiles in the production schedule. One of our main releases for the year will be the Shiho Faction, and of course, Hiroto is Coming! This is the last faction that was promised in the New Dawn rulebook and it's going to be great to see it finally in players’ hands.

You will see some previews and articles here and with our friends leading up to the faction release and we have Shiho models in every wave this year. The first release will be Shiho Hiroto, The Black Eagle and he can be used with the Brotherhood box until his faction starter comes out (Which shouldn’t be a long wait!).

The Risen Sun Cycle Deck is very popular and offers an interesting set of new options for every faction. The Cycle Decks are tied to our ongoing narrative and help us tell the ongoing story for all of our protagonists. We hoped to have a worldwide player led campaign and special Grand Master’s choices to allow players to decide the fate of our characters and story. Sadly, this has not been possible so we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the next Cycle Deck until we are ready. Several of the key pieces of the Risen Sun Deck are still not available (Yama and a Peasant, Hunter for Temple) and we still cannot really have any large gatherings like conventions and many players cannot travel to their clubs and stores. We will revise our plan and let you know as soon as we are able.

In addition to the Shiho, the faction after that is fully profiled and there are already renders of the miniatures! Outlining has also begun on the faction following that, ready for concepts and profiling. For the current factions there are at least six profiles for every faction currently in development and multiple box sets in addition to those. Now they may not all see play in 2021 but they are coming! We also have some new kinds of products you haven’t seen before. A new way we’re packaging miniatures together, and some new ways to play Bushido. 

Finally we have some resculpts! Now we wouldn't let this opportunity go by so these will come with a new Cycle card just for the resculpted character, in some cases quite a substantial one.

We asked on the Bushido Facebook Fan's Page and our Discord channel for three factions people wanted previews for. The first three responses were Descension, Temple and Savage Wave so here is a little taste of what is coming for Bushido this year:

This Savage Wave Bakemono is a real pain!


If you thought bakemono summoning was a problem, wait till they start vomiting up eggs! Most didn’t even know Bakemono were hatched until they saw this character. There will be more on this guy closer to his release because his development was quite interesting. He gets even better with the added new information that all Bakemono are born as twins...

The monks of the Temple of Rokan have always been selective about who they choose to train but some cheeky young scamps simply watch the practice yards and try to copy the forms without the close instruction of the masters.

Image Image

Taiki has no poise, style or grace but his rote copying of the Ro-Kan teachings have left him more than capable in a fight. He has been accompanied by Niseru since both were young enough to work for Fai-Ginn and the two are an inseparable force for mischief.

Image Image

We don't want to say too much about this character currently but she is a Kurama Tengu. The new female tengu models will be discussed (And why we are including them in Bushido now) very soon when a new sparrow profile is released but until then:


She is amazing and we can’t wait for the model as Buzenbo and Hokibo are two fantastic sculpts. The profile is written to match, if you would like an invulnerable Tengu Warband, she’s great!

There is so much more to come this year, I hope you will enjoy what we have for you. Please come join the chat on Facebook, Discord and in the Forums and tell us what you think of these previews and check back here for more information soon!