Shiho Hiroto


Shiho Hiroto, The Black Eagle

The esteemed Jason Enos takes us behind the scenes to discuss what Shiho Hiroto can do on the table, and believe me; it's scary!

Shiho Hiroto, The Black Eagle, is a leader like no other in the Jwar Isles. With almost nothing remaining of his house, and military might, Hiroto has re-written the book on how to wage and win a war. None exemplify these guerilla tactics more than Hiroto himself, though proudly garbed in his suit of Shiho Armour, he manages to be as mobile as any unencumbered monk. Perhaps the power of the Eagle Mon gives him the unrivalled mobility of the Tengu?

Hiroto has the Flank and Booted traits, meaning he can force his way to the enemy backlines with ease and, of course, knows the exceptional “Eagles Flight Defence”. This allows him to reposition after any melee, but when his warband looks like it is losing, or at the opportune moment in a battle, the old “Drunken Master” comes out, and Hiroto will use Improvise.


You have not seen anything like this in Bushido as far as the range of effects this feat has. First, your opponent is prevented from using instant or active abilities during this activation. This can give your model an advantage in a melee exchange, and note the feat is instant and is not limited by Range, so you can use it to help other models even if Hiroto is not involved in the exchange. It can also stymie an opponent's plan or prevent them from surprising you with their own tricks! Until you witness it in use, it's hard to see just how powerful this effect is, and it's only the first part of this three-part feat!

If Hiroto himself is fighting, he draws on his extensive experience of all kinds of swordplay, hand to hand fighting and other strange techniques from foreign lands and can apply both a special defence and a special attack to the melee. This should give you the advantage in any mind games or bluffing that may be happening!

Finally, Hiroto can move after the feat. Remember this is an instant so effectively you can move any time you want when an activation ends, and this can be used in an opponent's activation. As I'm fond of saying, it's a move, so you can go right out of base to base contact or indeed into base to base contact if you like!

Hiroto has a lot of power, but he also has manoeuvrability that enemies do not expect. Being able to put your power piece exactly where you need it is perfect in Bushido, where placement and movement are as likely to win a game as swords and bows.

Shiho Hiroto is one of the few surviving masters of the Shiho Koryu, once thought to be among the most graceful and elegant fighting styles. Hiroto has a few options for Special Attacks and Defences, including the powerful and rare (Among Samurai) Sweep Attack, but it is his Kawasu Ki Feat that gives him unrivalled control over a melee exchange.


At first glance, this looks like Dirty Fighting, a Ki Feat Hiroto practised as a drunken adventurer, but this new Feat has a significant difference. It's an instant feat. He can use this when attacked, and this is a trait of the Shiho Koryu. Many feats which are usually Active, the Shiho gain as Instant.

One of the Faction abilities is "The opponent will never know where the attack comes from", and while this is usually tactical, the enemy doesn't know where your flank models are or which peasant is a samurai in disguise, they also have this thematic running through their micro play, like melee exchanges. If you attack the Shiho Samurai, will he defend or use an offensive Ki Feat and go for the kill? Even the Shiho version of Inspiration is Instant, so you never know where the extra melee skill will go!


I hope this enlightens future Shiho players about how their faction will play, and if they will be your opponents… good luck! You may need it.

Hiroto will be available to Pre-Order along with the rest of the Wave this Saturday, 17th April.