Hiroto and Eldest Brother Painting Competition

Final Week, Submission deadline is September 30th


Two competitions

1. Just Hiroto, we are really looking forward to seeing what players do with such an iconic figure from the Jwar Isles (Painting tattoos advice can be found here)

2. The companions together


£30 store credit to the winners of each competion and £10 each to the runner ups. Luck of the Kami £10 to one random entrant.

Competition rules

Maximum 6 images per entrant
Images' file names must include entrant's name
Entries must be submitted via email to odin mentlak at g mail dot co m (sorry for the deconstructed email, a similar example would be johnsmith@gmail.com)
Closing date September 30th 2019
Good luck to everyone!


What would you like to get in return for your hard earned Silvermoons? If you've got an idea be sure to share it with us in the forum here.