Masters Tournaments

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GCT Studios are proud sponsors of BonesCon 2018

BonesCon is a three day wargaming convention. The show brings together gamers from a range of systems, with numerous competitive and causal events across the weekend. The show hosts competitive and causal play spaces, demo space, a vendor hall, a painting competition, a board game library and more.

Masters Tournament

We will be holding a 16 player Masters Tournament at the event on Saturday 17th. It's going to be great fun and we also have some great prizes on offer:

1st place: Complete faction of your choice (All the models and card packs, this excludes dice)

2nd place: £50 in Bushido vouchers to be redeemed at BonesCon 2018

3rd place: £25 in Bushido vouchers to be redeemed at BonesCon 2018

What's more...

Every player that participates will be able to collect a Bushido model of their choice for the faction they represent in the tournament at BonesCon.

See you there...

Hopefully we'll see lots of familiar faces as well as new players to welcome to Bushido. We'll be about for a game and a chat at the show.

Link to BonesCon (You can get the tickets there)


We will also be holding a Masters tournament at Adepticon... more details coming soon, but for now save a slot for us.