Meet the big guy and Wave 15 pre-order news


Fitiaumua - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

The Buto are a fearsome and brutal people when stirred to action. Fitaumua is no different and serves as the silent enforcer of the Syndicate. A once renowned Jumo fighter he has since worked his way into the service of the Iron Fist gumis. It is no matter to him if the debt of a man is a single, half bronze, moon to a thousand Gold ones. If his Oyabun gives him a name he will collect and those who hear the slow knock of his heavy tonfa on their door had better clear the debt or Fitiaumua will gladly give them a lesson in repayment.      

Pre-Order Wave 15 on Monday 25th

That's right Wave 15 products will go up for pre-order tomorrow, these will have a general release date of December 6th.

A model for each faction and your first chance to get your hands on the STS's Faction dice.