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Tengu Descension Starter Set

For countless cycles the elders of the mountain have watched and waited, their quiet vigil in the high places of the world unbroken. Silently they have overseen the rise and fall of innumerable clans, the petty squabbles of mortals bare no relevance to their goal. Gifted with generations of knowledge passed down through the written teachings of the Koroko Shisai and oral histories of the Karasu Shugenja the Tengu hold the secrets of the world in their lofty homes.

Now stirred into action, one can only imagine the danger that looms that has rustled the Tengu to war. 

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(Edit) Now with the added goodness of how they will play, get across to the forums and have your say, let us know what you think.

Our tournament featured in the Gencon newsletter this week and for those of you that missed it here is what we had to say: 

Bushido is an oriental fantasy tabletop miniatures skirmish game for two players. A game of Bushido is fast-moving and flexible where your tactical acumen is important, but as dice add an element of randomness, so too is your ability to think on your feet. 4 rounds spread over the day will test your mettle by allowing you to face different opponents across various scenarios. This tournament will leave one player standing with the honour and title of Daimyo of the West, as well as a host of exciting prizes. As well as high quality solid metal tournament coins for first to third place there will be Silvermoons on offer for all, with those finishing higher in the tournament taking home more of the spoils. These can be exchanged for cool prizes such as t-shirts and attack cards or the unique art cards (only available with silvermoons).

There are still spaces left so come and give yourself the chance to compete for honour, glory and some cool prizes.



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