Milestones and much much more...

As we round out Wave 18 with the magnificent Oda & Tautola, we wanted to take a second to thank all of you that have helped make Bushido and GCT Studios possible from the players, our amazing Retainers and the stores and distributors that help ensure it gets to you. These models have been shipped and should be landing on doorsteps around the world today and over the next few days. 

We have, without fail, or delay, released a Wave every two months for the last 3 years bringing you new and exciting ways to access Bushido and the world of the Jwar Isles. In this time we have seen the game grow dramatically and we at GCT Studios have also grown during this period both as individuals developing our skills and knowledge in a wide array of areas and as a company. Releasing our hard copy, full colour rulebook was a big milestone for us and more recently the rollout of our Silvermoon Reward Scheme has allowed us to support tournaments and organised play in a systematic and fair way. We are seeing more prizes snapped up and are looking forward to rewarding those players that are saving up for some of the bigger 'Marquee' prizes such as creating a special card or helping to concept your very own Bushido model. For more info on the SRS check out this short PDF.

We have great things coming in the future both for Bushido and beyond it, many have speculated on the next faction and I'm happy to say that it is coming along nicely, in fact I'd go so far as to say it is looking pretty damn amazing both in it's scope and the sheer detail and meticulous planning that is going into all aspects of it. We really think this faction will fly off the shelves. We are also going to be releasing a boardgame that includes a great rule set and great components such as beautifully sculpted miniatures with a high level of detail and dynamic poses. This will be set in the Jwar Isles and expand on some of the lore and background you already know. There will be much more to come on this in the coming months.

Wave 18


Oda & Tautola - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

The legendary Jumo sensei, and current Oyabun of the Iron Fist gumi, Oda is small only in stature, for everything else about this no nonsense boss is anything but. Oda likes nothing more than to drill and sculpt his famous Buto into pure weapons of mass and muscle. His physique might prevent him from demonstrating his extensive knowledge of the art of Jumo but he is a skilled and quick teacher, barking instructions and jabbing directions with his ornate fan, swiftly turning even the amateur into a competent wrestler and a warrior into a master. Tautola is never far from his diminutive master, either stepping forward to clear his path through the streets of Jima and saddling his famous platform, allowing his sensei a better vantage point from which to command his men. Keenly aware of danger and quickly removing threats with a crushingly accurate and brutal blow from his tetsubo, Tautola is the bite to Oda’s bark. 

This brilliantly unusual couple are available now for £12.95 HERE

Wave 19


Takashi Akio - Prefecture of Ryu

Takashi Akio is a legendary sensei of the finest sword Gakko in Ryu. The majority of the Takashi line has learning under his excellent tutelage. Now in the twilight years of his life and with the need for all able body warriors to answer Hida’s call, Akio has put down his Bokken and stepped forward to offer his life in service to his lord. Still a fearsome warrior but the real advantage he offers any fighting force is his expert knowledge of combat. His ability to instruct the samurai around him with either a point to a chink in a seemingly impenetrable suit of armour to a swift reminder of the techniques he taught them on the dust training ring of the Gakko, he is another strong commander to join the Prefecture of Ryu’s ranks. 


The number of events has been steadily increasing and we will again showcase some of those that have been brought to our attention.

The Hague, Netherlands - Animecon - Friday 13th June - Ret-Bayushi will as be at the service of players new and old to practice their skills or learn the way of the warrior, check out the link for MORE INFO

Cardiff, Wales - Jwardiff 2014 - Saturday 21st June - This annual tournament run by Greeny and Ret-Rudders is a great day out, with promises of flowing silvermoons and the outside chance of cake, what are you waiting for get signed up, check out the link for MORE INFO

Sittingbourne, SE England - Broadside Wargames Show - Saturday 7th July - Two of our Retainers Ret-Ridmasta and Ret-Balldman will be demoing Bushido pop along to get a run through the basics or challenge a pro, check out the link for MORE INFO

Perth, Western Australia - Iron Dragon 3 - Sunday 10th August - Another annual tournament run by our Retainer Ret-AdvanceOp is back for its third incarnation and it's shaping up to be great, check out the link for MORE INFO

Gen Con, Indianopolis - Masters tournament - Saturday 16th August - A brilliant opportunity for players to test their skills against the best the US has to offer. There will be a ton of Silvermoons being handed out as well as a number of other prizes, check out the link for MORE INFO

Nottingham, England -Tournament - Sunday 17th August - Andyg will be running a tournament and from what we've heard he is a bit of an expert so why not get along and support his event, check out the link for MORE INFO

Player Locator

Get yourself down on the player locator and you may make new friends and gaming buddies through Bushido. If you're looking for someone to play, why not give it a try, the more players participate the better it will get. Remember be as specific with your address as you feel comfortable, if five people put in Leicester it will simply show one and all the rest will be hidden.

Have a look HERE


At the recent Birmingham Games Expo Toby met up with the Miniature Maniacs, here is their interview - CLICK HERE