Minimoto Pre-Order, Wave 40 Pre-Order and 2018 Errata all available Now!


We first saw the Minimoto back in 2012 and since then they've been eagerly anticipated to say the least! The recent design notes have whetted everybodies desire for them further and now I'm proud to say:

Our latest faction is now available to Pre-Order!

Get yours right here in the newest section of our store:

Minimoto Clan

Available at the point of release will be the starter set including five models, a theme card and an enahancement card. We will also have the Jyoto Ashigaru, the Minimoto Special Card pack and Hisoka the hermit. These and the rest of Wave 40 are available to Pre-Order now and will be shipped on the 1st of August. We will also be bringing the Minimoto to Gen Con for players to get their hands on them there.

Image Image


2018 Errata

Download the new Errata Here (Beautified version coming soon).