Name, Rank, and Number - June


Welcome to another of our ‘Behind the Scenes’ articles, which spotlight who does what, how, when, and where. This one is someone everyone knows, the elusive, enigmatic, and Tournament winning, Master Enos!

Full name
Master Enos

How long have you been a fan of Bushido?
Dave from Fanboy3 bought a few copies of each original starter set back from UK Games Expo one year. My brother and I bought some and I’ve been playing ever since.

What got you into Bushido in the first place?
Master Ekusa.  Who can pass up a monk sat on a tortoise?
When the New Dawn edition was released, we also really enjoyed the mechanics; the bluffing, mind games and resolution of melee is still the best there is, a whole game in itself.


What role -- if any -- do you play in the production of Bushido?
I am the Developer for GCT; I write profiles, rules and expansions to the rules. Sometimes I am involved in new concepts, and I have started to concept whole new factions for the game.

Player? Painter? Or Collector?
Always player first, but I try to play full painted armies, and I can’t stop until I have everything!

Favourite Faction/s?
I played Temple for a long time and won the Grand Masters with them, so they are always one of “My” factions. Minimoto were the first faction I wrote all of, including how the profiles are skewed in certain ways and how the faction will play. I can’t help but like my own creation, can I?

Favourite Model/s?
I still like Ekusa; looking at the studio paintjobs doesn’t help. Sakura from the Ito range is amazing; Hotaru is another dynamic sculpt that draws a lot of people in. I love how much effort went into the tengu to make each type different and close to its bird counterpart.
The quality just keeps increasing; the Wolf and Yuta boxes are some of the best miniatures we’ve done.

Competitive Player? Or Harry Casual?
I do like a tournament ☺

Battle Plans for when the Plague is over?
I expect to be playing and organising some events at Element games as well as trying things I’m not allowed to talk about!

What’s on the painting station, hopefully not gathering dust?
Tanaka. I have the wolves ready to paint next, hoping to bring them out after lockdown.

Reading anything game or gamer related at present?
Always. I buy in as many games as I can afford for research (And sometimes games) purposes. I’m on the Red Book of the Elf King now, as well as “The Dark Side of Japan”, which could be for anything...

Watching anything game or gamer related at present?
Everything becomes gamer related. In particular look out for feats taken from Falcon and Winter Soldier and the LEC finals on Bushido models next year!