Samurai swords at the ready

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Kenta Takashi - Prefecture of Ryu

Kenta is a true samurai in every sense of the word. As a boy he knew his path, the one he has walked for many cycles in service to his family and the name Takashi. A veteran of countless battles and campaigns, he is a master swordsman, no foe able to outflank him due to practised footwork and deft movements. Many times enemies foolishly thought they had struck the killing blow but the ancestors favour Kenta amongst all others. Though quietly spoken his presence in battle banishes any fear in his troops, steeling their hearts for victory. 


Trials of the Michi: Bushido on YouTube

The first three parts in this series are up now and available for your viewing pleasure. Get across and share your thoughts and ideas as I'm sure Chris is open to what content viewers are interested in.

1. Introduction to Bushido:

2. Learning the basics - Stat Cards:

3. Kage Kaze Zoku miniatures and a midnight board:

Warboar Games - Bushido Summer Tournament

The Summer truly feels like it has arrived this weekend and Warboar games are holding a Bushido Tournament, more info can be found HERE. The Facebook page can be found HERE.