Smogcon is going to be awesome!

Narrative Campaign

For those of you who are planning on taking part in the Smogcon campaign events here is a sneak peak at the campaign plot.

"Ikoju is a small province on the Jwar main isle, slightly north of Ryu it sits on the river, largely unnoticed by the world around it has escaped attention in the recent conflicts, and the villages, temples and ruins around it have stood untouched for centuries. However over the last few months something deeply wrong has been happening in the province.

The province once supplied much of the rice for the city, but we have received no shipments for almost a season now.  We can no longer ignore the appeals of the nearby villagers for aid, although I believe the trouble is being caused by no more than bandits, possibly Shiho ronin come again to pester us, in fact one of our contacts in the village, a headman’s servant brought us a piece of armour that leads us to believe that at least one group of Shiho have been raiding there, I also believe we can disregard the rumours of the walking dead in the forests, and the night creatures that stalk people from the shadows as nothing more than Shiho tricks to drive our people from the lands...

As such I have decided that a show of military strength is needed to drive this rabble away and restore order. A force of samurai and ashigaru will be dispatched, you shall command it with orders to commandeer the local Samurai’s mansion and training grounds as a base of operations, Takashi Nagate however has not responded to our last message, he is one of our finest Taisho, and I fear for his safety.”

The Campaign will be run across three sessions, with a final climax to the campaign only available to those who have participated in one of the previous sessions.

First session Friday 10am – 2pm

Second session Friday 6pm – 10pm

Third session Saturday 10am – 2pm

Final Saturday 6pm – 10pm

Players should come and sign up at the start of a session and more confident players can put themselves forward to be the Faction Masuta for that session, leading the other two players from their faction in making choices about where they explore and what goals to strive for. Each Faction can have up to three Faction players including the Masuta. 

Each session, games can be played at any time within the four hour slot.

Players wishing to collect Silvermoon rewards will need to register a user name on the website beforehand.


Demos will be available to players throughout the weekend, simply stop by and find a Retainer to run you through the game. All demo participants with be able to claim an exclusive SmogCon Bushido dice.

The Dojo

New and old players will all be able to mix and play throughout the weekend on tables provided. If players wish to accrue Silvermoon rewards for their Dojo games they should register with a GCT Staff member or Retainer.

Master Masters Tournament

We are really excited and have been slaving away to create some great boards for the players to play on. The four scenarios being played will be announced on the weekend and all players need to bring is their models, counters, dice, tape measure, two printed army lists taken from the Tournament pack a positive attitude and an honourable spirit. 


Remember we’ll have plenty of sneak peaks, including unseen models, concepts and more so do stop by and say hi. 

Hisao - Temple of Ro-Kan

For centuries the Temple and the people of the Ro-Kan have lived in symbiotic harmony and for centuries the secrets of the Kami and the mountain have passed between these two allies. Misao, like all village elders, has for decades made the decisions for his village and acted as apothecary using the secrets handed down from elder to elder. His special mix of herbs found on the mountain when burned in his censers clears those of ailments, clears the mind or soul. The peasants in his village follow his every word without question and although physically weak his strength lies in the wise words he draws upon to inspire those around him to great feats of combat prowess in the defence of their lands and peers.   

Yusha - Savage Wave

A terrible and furious oni, Yusha the vindictive is a master of controlling, focusing and unleashing the destructive ferocity of those unlucky enough to find themselves under his lash. Whether it’s the vicious lion like Kaihei, blood maddened slaves or a gaggle of Bakemono eager to prove themselves to this hulking master. Yusha’s command of the Kaihei comes from his position amongst them as the undisputed pride alpha, his own feral nature allowing him to easily assume dominance over a pride and drive them to almost breaking point, through rage and frequent strings of the lash.