Terrain by 4Ground, Xmas shipping news and Kuma!!!


We are teaming up with 4Ground to produce high quality terrain for Bushido, see the full press release below to hear how stoked we are about this. We know you, the players, have been waiting awhile for full on Bushido terrain and we also know 4Ground will deliver!


Xmas shipping

These are best estimates only and delivery can not be guaranteed.

Please note: All orders recieved after the 16th of December will not be processed until the new year.


U K 16th December
Europe 12th December
U S and Canada 12th December
Rest of World 8th December

Wave 33

We hope you've stuck with us because Wave 33 has snuck in here at the bottom of the update. So we thought we'd start it off with a bang, meet Kuma...


What do you think? Any ideas how he'll operate on the battlefield and what he'll bring to the Temple?