Tournament rules and Terrain winners


Bushido can be played in many ways, pick-up games at a local club or store, long running campaigns telling stories of conquest and victory or competitive games where each player is trying to come out on top.

Tournaments are there both for players to see who is the best player on the day and also to allow larger gatherings so we can get lots of games of Bushido against new opponents. The Masters Format is Bushido’s premier event format. The Masters Tournament Pack has been in development since the new edition launched. It not only expands the 3 scenarios in the rulebook to 12 scenarios, it adds new ways to win, updates the existing scenarios and helps organisers work out how to run an event.

One of the things we wanted to do was make it possible to create the kind of tournament you want and have everyone understand the rules. To this end we’ve included a set of variant rules to allow you to tailor your tournament perfectly for your players. So if you want a more cut-throat competitive tournament, perhaps you’d like a swiss tournament. Maybe you want your event set in a particular time of Jwar history; restricting lists to a specific Cycle Deck. For those who simply want to create a different type of event, to keep things fresh, you can allow a small sideboard, require theme cards or even restrict measuring to after actions are declared to add a new skill to the mix. Finally, some variants allow you to make the event last longer or, if you need, run faster; take fewer rounds or be easier to work out standings. These can suit a venue or store’s time and space.

Of course most players will use the new scenarios for normal games at home or pick up games. The scenarios have been tweaked and improved to give unique challenges to win each one. With Centre Objectives, Circle Objectives, Zone Control and VIMs there are many strategies to try and some scenarios mix more than one type to give even more options and greater challenge.

In Bushido, the scenarios are every bit as important as the profiles and core rules. The factions are balanced around the idea that you are trying to win the game, not necessarily just kill the enemy. To keep this balanced, the new scenarios went through just as much playtesting as any new profiles. This means you’ll see graceful Tengu able to fly between objectives while deftly avoiding the enemy, while lumbering Minimoto have to grind the enemy down before being able to do any kind of scenario actions… just as it should be!

One last thing some players will be particularly interested in is the short stories included within. I am eagerly awaiting the discussion of these as much as the scenarios! There will be more scenarios soon, they are still in public test and not part of the Masters Format. The Honbasho Format and a collection of other scenarios is due next and of course we have the campaign book which will contain even more ways to play as well as improve Warbands and record injuries.

The Masters Tournament Pack can be downloaded HERE. And don't forget you can pick up the Official Scenario objectives packs HERE... good luck at your next event!

June's Terrain Competition and Overall winner

Thank you to all the entrants over the last few months, it has been great to see such fantastic creativity. Take a look at June's amazing winners and then scroll down for the winner of the grand prize.

1st: adrakraue (£30)

Image Image

2nd: Ret-Hosmer.Brian (£15)


3rd: Nic Bertels (£5)


Special mention: TheChojin (£5)

And so, for the Grand Prize, creating a Cycle Deck Terrain card,


Round of applause for...

Our terrain master...