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Hokibo, Kurama Samurai - Tengu Descension

Where the Suzume are the most common, the Kurama are a rarity at the hatching. They are the largest, proudest and strongest warriors amongst the Tengu. Hokibo being a prime example of the Tengu warrior caste. There are few who can be called his equal with a blade, but as the Tengu are taught one’s mind must be as keen as the blade they wield. Hokibo’s knowledge of tactics lets him know what the enemy are planning sometimes before they do. His fluid strikes slice steel like rice paper, in combat a single flex of powerful wings can launch him to his feet or force smaller foe away.   




An exciting weekend of tournaments saw the annual 'Iron Dragon' held in Perth, Australia and the Golden Kami held in Malmo, Sweden. Well done to everyone that took part and a special mention for Drew who won his second 'Iron Dragon' with a near flawless victory!

Thanks of course goes to our Retainers, who make these events happen.