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Hiretsuna - Savage Wave & Kage Kaze Zoku

Hiretsuna is an oddity amongst the Bakemono, selected by the Council of Shadows at a young age and marked for greatness. The Council have invested heavily in Hiretsuna and when the Kage Kaze Zoku agreed to train him their plans moved one step forward. His race’s natural affinity for subterfuge combined with his practised skills make him also impossible to stop, he is able to strike with pinpoint accuracy where his opponent can least afford. 


Jade Mamba guard (Alternative Sculpt) - Ito Clan

The Shisai and Samurai of the Ito clan feel no fear, even in the heart of enemy territories, when they are escorted by the Jade Mamba Guard. Their loyalty to the rulers of Izu is total and unquestionable. Their number made up of the faithful of Orochi and a strict selection process ensures that only the best remain and are allowed to take on the honor of guarding the Ito elite. Although the training is a closely guarded secret it is whispered that the final test for the recruit is to put his or her hand into a basket containing the deadly Jade Mamba, if the prospect’s loyalty is not total they are bitten and left to die in excruciating agony.


Golden Sentinel (Alternative Sculpt) - Various Factions

The Golden Sentinels are the bodyguards of the Emperor’s clan, guarding the family on their travels, in their homes and in court. They also serve as escorts to his Teishin as they journey his Empire spreading his holy word. If the Teishin of the Imperial court are the Emperors voice in distant more barbaric lands, then the Golden Sentinels serve as his shield, all proven warriors, sworn to protect their charges with their lives if needed. However, such is the size of the Golden Empire that Imperial missions and postings can often take many seasons to complete not taking into account the travel across the great empire and so often the Sentinels can sometimes take on the local customs and in rare circumstances become embroiled in the affairs of locals.  

Wave 37

These models round out Wave 37, all of Wave 37 is now available to pre-order and will be shipped on the 15th of November.

Essen, Spiele

We've had a mix up of epic proportions and unfortunately we will no longer be able to attend the show. We do however have three pieces of good news:

  1. Our Distributor Laughing Jack will be in attendence and will be fulfilling The Pioneers Program show pick up. They will also have the Bushido line with them. You can find them here: Hall 2 Booth F143 

  2. The Show specials will still be available in our web store

  3. Serengeti will be available for purchase at the show, be sure to check it out and pick up a copy. You can find them here: Hall 7 Booth I-121 

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