Wave 37 news

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Bushido's Wave 37 is going to be released on the first Friday of November, 3/11/17. Here's a look at the two new initiates of the Temple of Ro-Kan...


This Wave will also see models for the Savage Wave, Prefecture of Ryu, Silvermoon Syndicate, Tengu and Ronin.

You'll find some of Wave 37's art over on the Bushido fan page soon.

GCT Studio Webstore

We have seen a period of growth in our web sales that has left us trying to catch up, in response we have been implementing a change with the aim to improve on two main areas:

1. Delivery times

The element that we can improve upon is the number of shipments we make each week and also increase the consistency of these shipments.

2. Communication

We have listened to feedback from the community and we are looking to dramatically increase responsiveness to store queries.


An in depth look at the Sworn sisters over on BoLS by GentleBen, check it out...