Wave 38 Approaches...


Karapan - Kage Kaze Zoku

Cultivated for generations, the Karapan are the ultimate beast of burden for the Kage Kaze Zoku. Many Worms are sacrificed in the long and arduous training program of each Karapan. The stalking, stealth of a panther combined with the vicious mobility of the crow leaves no prey safe. For those it hunts there can be no protection. For those that seek to obscure their intentions from the Grand Master there can be no hiding place.


Mika Takashi - Prefecture of Ryu

Mika has earned early praise at Akio Takashi's Koryu and she has learned from him the foundation of the Dragon clan’s fighting style. Meanwhile she has also caught the eye of her cousin Hagane whose additional training is not appreciated by the clan elders as it promotes aiming for a killing blow at the expense of any defence. Akio in particular recognises the style and does not approve.


Trak - Savage Wave

Nobody knows who first thought to teach Bakemono the way of Bushido but some koryu has managed it and now Trak is teaching others. He tries to take all of his training seriously, including the parts about honour and bravery, but being a Bakemono often fails. The Shadow Council may look down with scorn on the principles of Bushido but they choose not to shun the protection Trak and his students’ martial prowess provides.


GCT Studios are proud sponsors of BonesCon 2018

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Masters Tournament

We will be holding a 16 player Masters Tournament at the event on Saturday 17th. It's going to be great fun and we also have some great prizes on offer:

1st place: Complete faction of your choice (All the models and card packs, this excludes dice)

2nd place: £50 in Bushido vouchers to be redeemed at BonesCon 2018

3rd place: £25 in Bushido vouchers to be redeemed at BonesCon 2018

What's more...

Every player that participates will be able to collect a Bushido model of their choice for the faction they represent in the tournament at BonesCon.

See you there...

Hopefully we'll see lots of familiar faces as well as new players to welcome to Bushido. We'll be about for a game and a chat at the show.


Link to BonesCon (You can get the tickets there)