From the soaring heights to the depths of depravity...


Hirobo - The Decension

Hirobo is an unquestioned leader amongst the Tengu. Striking an equal mixture of loyalty and fear into those he fights alongside. He is able to change the ebb and flow of a battle by channeling Fujin’s will, opponents rapidly find themselves outmaneuvered on all fronts by his actions. He dominates enemies, his attacks enfeebling their minds whilst he readies to take advantage and mark them for death.


Karapan - Shadow Wind Clan (KKZ)

Cultivated for generations, the Karapan are the ultimate beast of burden for the Kage Kaze Zoku. Many Worms are sacrificed in the long and arduous training program of each Karapan. The stalking, stealth of a panther combined with the vicious mobility of the crow leaves no prey safe. For those it hunts there can be no protection. For those that seek to obscure their intentions from the Grand Master there can be no hiding place.


Fai-Ginn - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Undoubtedly mean spirited and devoid of any form of warmth, Fai-Ginn has found himself as the primary carer for over half of the Silvermoon's street urchins. For all of the hatred and enmity felt towards him from his young charges he has avoided a dagger in the back, during the darkest hours of the the night, for so long because he does have some value to those he leaches from. His knowledge of what he calls the ‘subtle arts’ are second to none. 

Retailer Spotlight - Voidgames (Italy)


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Voidgames is an Italian Wargames and Boardgames store located in Desio, near Milan (north Italy). We have been operating since 2016 as an Online store and we are going to open a Brick and Mortar store in late January 2018. We specialise in Wargaming and offer a very big range of different miniature games, paints, brushes, air brushes and all the material needed to create your scenery. Bushido is the Oriental skirmish game we were looking for and we plan to promote it with all of our passion and experience. We are going to offer demo open days, painting tutorials on how to paint even your difficult Ito Clan snake skin, we're going to show how to construct proper scenery and tables and when the community is ready tournaments too!