Welcome to Bushido Risen Sun


(Models from the Prefecture of Ryu)

Welcome to Bushido Risen Sun. We have compiled a group of resources that should answer FAQs from new players and prove useful to players interested in the game and wanting to know more. 

1. Which faction do I pick, anything to help?

Check out a description and some play info on each faction on the wikidot: HERE

2. Is there anything to help me learn how to play?


Check out this series of how to play videos on our youtube channel: HERE

Take a look through the Free to Download rules: HERE

3. Is there a good way to get started with the game?


Get yourself the Two-Player Starter Set, complete with rules, tokens and models for two factions. A great way to dip your toe in and find out why Bushido is the game for you. Get yours: HERE


Find out more about starting with the Two Player Starter Set over at TechRaptor: HERE

4. What's the community around the game like?


Facebook Fan's Page: HERE


Discord chat: HERE

(Models from the Minimoto Clan)

5. Any Bushido Podcasts?


Listen to Robot Dice Explosion: HERE


Bushido Cast is available: HERE

6. I like to read about games, what blogs that cover Bushido would you recommend?

The Jumo Ring: HERE

Hidden Fortress: HERE

7. Any good battle reports or Youtube coverage?


Check out Ash's battle reports over at GMG: HERE

There are loads more excellent channels on Youtube and for a more comprehensive list check out the Wikidot Resource page: HERE



Get this fan made companion App in the playstore Here


Bushido list building HERE

Photography art of Prefecture of Ryu and Minimoto clan are copyright of Ben Williams