You’re going to need a bigger boat


Cue the world-famous, nightmare-inducing music... duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn -

Meet Hitokuchi, our new Great White Shark who definitely looks the part!
Ryota is a Tiger Shark, Arata is a Hammerhead, and because Hitokuchi is the apex predator and top of the food chain, he comes on a 50mm base, giving you ample space to model some severed limbs at his feet.


He can charge (Preferably with Bansai!) and kill weaker models in one melee and then get the activation back to do it again. He is one of the best shock troopers in Bushido. If you need to charge and kill, how can you do better than a great white shark?

Image Image

Crushing Blow combines with his Charging Bonus to give Brutal (2). He has Pierce (2), +3 Melee Strength and Bleed (1/1). It is easy to see why he is to be feared by opponents.  If you find a bleeding target, he can charge from 10” away for just one activation counter too!

Of course, after this, he also heals and just explaining this makes me want to have a word with the playtesters.

Like a shark, he is Aggressive and cannot take Wait or Focus actions; he must keep swimming forwards. A wily opponent can take advantage of these, so I am interested to see how you combat that in your games.

He would cause quite a stir walking around Harbourtown in Ryu, and Hitokuchi doesn’t want to be carrying cargo all day anyway, so you will need to play one of the other themes and not the Docks of Ryu.
Recently the preview of Miyakomo Korra also offered a bit extra for all sharks in her Blood in the Water Ki Feat. Putting Bleed on the target enemy has never been easier!