Bushido, Puppet Master on CoolMini top 10!!!

The Studio is extremely pleased to be able to report the beautifully painted studio Kato, Kubiashi has appeared in the coolminiornot top 10. It's not a first for our extremely  talented studio painter atacam but its the first of hopefully many for the Bushido and GCT Studios. Those who haven't seen it, why not, click and follow the link. Also those eager beavers who like sneak peaks should check out Luke on his facebook .

Nezumi Concept Art

GCT Studios is excited to share with you all another piece of concept art. This piece features Nezumi, the upcoming release for the Cult of Yurei.

Nezumi is a twisted and tortured creature, able to switch his form. One moment a lowly rodent the next a horrifying hybrid of man and beast. 




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