Wave 38 and the future of Bushido


Trak - Savage Wave

Nobody knows who first thought to teach Bakemono the way of Bushido but some koryu has managed it and now Trak is teaching others. He tries to take all of his training seriously, including the parts about honour and bravery, but being a Bakemono often fails. The Shadow Council may look down with scorn on the principles of Bushido but they choose not to shun the protection Trak and his students’ martial prowess provides.

The future of Bushido

In the last 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase in growth for Bushido. This has allowed us to actively consider and pursue all of the things we'd like to improve and refine in order to make the game the best it can be, from rules to packaging and many other elements. During this time we have had a change of ownership at GCT Studios parting ways with one of our founders Toby Nathan. This has left myself (Odin Mentlak) and Gordon Cunningham as joint owners of GCT Studios Ltd. This naturally led to an adjustment period for both the company and Gordon and me, in terms of roles and work loads etc. We have tried to make this as smooth a shift as possible for you the players, our retailers and distributors and to a large extent we have managed this.

Now with this transition period behind us and the sustained growth mentioned we have started work on all the improvements we would like to see in the game as well as the suggestions many of you made in our forums here. Some will take time more time than others and we are tirelessly working on them in the background. Some aspects we have already begun to implement, for instance we have dramatically turned around despatch times from our webstore and customer service is much more streamlined and efficient. We believe in time people will begin to discuss GCT Studios as offering top class levels of both.

So from everyone at GCT Studios, thank you for contributing your ideas and energy and we hope to repay you in the coming months and years!


GCT Studios are proud sponsors of BonesCon 2018

BonesCon is a three day wargaming convention. The show brings together gamers from a range of systems, with numerous competitive and causal events across the weekend. The show hosts competitive and causal play spaces, demo space, a vendor hall, a painting competition, a board game library and more.

Masters Tournament

We will be holding a 16 player Masters Tournament at the event on Saturday 17th. It's going to be great fun and we also have some great prizes on offer:

1st place: Complete faction of your choice (All the models and card packs, this excludes dice)

2nd place: £50 in Bushido vouchers to be redeemed at BonesCon 2018

3rd place: £25 in Bushido vouchers to be redeemed at BonesCon 2018

What's more...

Every player that participates will be able to collect a Bushido model of their choice for the faction they represent in the tournament at BonesCon.

See you there...

Hopefully we'll see lots of familiar faces as well as new players to welcome to Bushido. We'll be about for a game and a chat at the show.


Link to BonesCon (Don't miss your chance to get a ticket)